Client acceptance of the general terms of hire as

specified below is inherent to the hiring of furniture.


In order to be taken into consideration, all orders must be

placed in writing, with payment enclosed. Prices are given

for the duration of the event (1 to 10 days maximum),

exclusive of VAT. Transport is not included except for

approved fairs and exhibitions that take place within a 40 km

radius of our warehouse.


The equipment ordered will be delivered according to the

conditions as specified when the order is confirmed. If the

deadline conditions are different to those in the order, the

client will be understood to have accepted them, unless the

initial order is immediately cancelled by registered letter

with acknowledgement of receipt. As of delivery, the hirer is

considered to be the "guardian” of the hired equipment.

In the event that the delivered equipment is refused, or that

the order is partially or totally cancelled, the person who

placed the order remains liable and will be billed for the

entire amount. Any dispute concerning the quality or the

quantity of the hired equipment must be communicated in

writing within 24 hours of delictery.

After expiry of this deadline, complaints will no longer be

taken into consideration.

Taking into account the constraints linked to the availability

of stock, deadlines and more generally the conditions of our

activity, our company may have to supply similar equipment

in the same conditions, instead of the equipment ordered.

Unless this replacement equipment is refused on delivery,

the client will be considered to have accepted it.


The hirer is responsible for the equipment hirer, from its

delivery to its return. The equipment, hired in good

condition, must be used in accordance with its purpose and

the hirer undertakes to do nothing and to let nothing be

done that could possibly deteriorate it.

The hirer is responsible for any deterioration. The

equipment hired must be made available to us, emptied of

its content, as soon as the event has closed down. The hirer

must, consequently, take steps to ensure in particular that all

objects and documentation have been taken out. Our

company cannot be held responsible for the disappearance

or deterioration of any objects that have not been taken out

of the equipment hired.


A/ It is compulsory to take out insurance. This covers the

hirer in case of theft, loss, or deterioration from the day

preceding the official opening of the event to the closing

day. Payment must be enclosed with the placing of the

order. In the case of non-payment, the order will not be

taken into account. Equipment going outside of Paris and

transported by the tenant himself must be ensured at his

own costs. also for plasma screens (please ask us for

insurance value).

B/ The distributor has coffe (free) would have ensure by the

tenant against the theft risks, loss or deterioration, some

is the destination.

Value Insurance:

References 61 / 62 / 40 / 44 = 534 excl. VAT

References 50 / 10 / 60 = 305 excl. VAT

References 30 = 54 excl. VAT

C/ Insurance coverage of theft risk is subject to the

insurance by the appropriate authority of an attestation

certifying that a complaint has been filed, and the

communication of this document. If not, equipment will

be invoiced, or deposit check will be cashed.


Any dispute, whatever its origin and cause, even in the

event of an applicable guarantee or an action in accordance

with any kind of joint and several liability, must be judged in

accordance with the present general terms by the

commercial court of Bobigny, which will be the only

competent authority.


It is expressly agreed that the present general terms of sale

and hire apply exclusively in all commercial relations that

bind the company G.D.M with the present signatory. They

replace all previous documents, all previous written or oral

agreements, as well as the client’s general terms of sale or

hire, in its entirety.

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